Sony OTC Hearing Aids – What to Expect

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Sony OTC Hearing Aids Are Here

So Sony has teamed up with Signia and is coming up with two OTC hearing aids: 

  • Sony CRE C10
  • Sony CRE E10

In this article we summarize the information we received up to now.

Sony CRE C10

The C10 are very small CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aids. The focus for these hearing aids was clearly on the size, they should be as small and unnoticeable as possible.

Therefore they lack fancy features like Bluetooth streaming or rechargeability.
The hearing aids are powered by size 10 batteries, which should allow up to 70 hours of continuous use. We’ll see if that’s true.
The C10 are easily controlled using the Sony | Hearing control app. It let’S the user adjust the volume and hearing programs.
Also they are wirelessly linked ear-to-ear to improve noise reduction (no Bluetooth connection!).

The shape and size reminds on the Eargo 6. But what’s even more noticeable: they are the complete twin of the  Signia Silk prescription hearing aids. That is also true for the Vibe hearing aids (from WS audiology). Vibe wer available in the US but is no more available now. When we look at their homepage it shows that Vibe is focusing more on Asian market and Switzerland.

So Signia seems to enter the OTC market in the US together with Sony.

Sony CRE E10

Sony CRE E 10

The E10 are very different than the C10. They are bigger, and have an earbud design.

The sound gets personalized to your hearing based on app assessment.

Their rechargeable battery lasts up to 26 hours. 
The E10 are Bluetooth compatible for audio streaming (iOS only)
The Sony | Hearing control app lets the wearer control the volume and hearing programs easily.

The design of the E10 is similar to Jabra Enhance Plus (Jabra is part of ReSound Hearing) and the E10 is the identical twin to the Signia Active Pro prescription hearing aids that were introduced 2021.


That’s what we know so far. We will keep you updated with the latest news!



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