Sony CRE E 10

Sony CRE E 10

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Design and Features

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Sony CRE E10 OTC hearing aids, which were recently launched by Sony as the bigger brother of the C10 model. We’ll explore their design, features, and overall performance.

The Sony E10 hearing aids feature an earbud design, which has become quite popular in the market. They bear a striking resemblance to the Signia Active hearing aids, and that’s because Sony partnered with WS Audiology (also known as Signia) to develop these OTC (over-the-counter) devices. The E10 offers an earbud-style fit and is equipped with a rechargeable battery, providing up to 26 hours of use. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling direct streaming to iOS devices, specifically iPhones.

Appearance and Fit

The E10 hearing aids bear a resemblance to the Signia Active devices, with some minor differences in the microphone openings and branding. The earbuds fit snugly in the ear canal, providing a discreet yet noticeable appearance.

To ensure a comfortable fit, the E10 hearing aids come with four different sizes of closed click sleeves. These sleeves help achieve an optimal fit for individual ears, and the selection process is made easier through the accompanying smartphone app. The app guides users through the setup process, which includes a simple pure tone hearing test to determine the appropriate hearing profile.

Smartphone App and Control

The Sony smartphone app is designed to facilitate easy setup and customization. Users can adjust the overall volume, as well as settings related to travel, bass, and microphone directionality. The app also serves as a remote control, allowing users to manage various aspects of their hearing aids directly from their mobile devices.

Key Features and Sound Quality

The E10 hearing aids boast several notable features. Firstly, they come with directional microphones that can be adjusted to focus on different sound sources. Additionally, they offer noise reduction capabilities, enhancing speech understanding in noisy environments. The hearing aids are rechargeable and offer up to 26 hours of amplification. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity enables direct streaming of phone calls and music from compatible iOS devices.

Sony prioritizes sound quality in its OTC hearing aids, and the E10 is no exception. The device delivers clear sound and excellent speech understanding, thanks to its microphone directionality and noise reduction features. These automatic adjustments ensure optimal performance in various listening situations.

Compatibility and Limitations

The E10 hearing aids are compatible with iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. However, Android devices are not supported at present. It’s worth noting that accessories designed for Signia hearing aids, such as the StreamLine Microphone, are not compatible with the Sony E10 devices.


In conclusion, the Sony CRE E10 OTC hearing aids offer a sleek earbud design, impressive sound quality, and a range of features tailored to enhance the listening experience. With their Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app control, users can easily manage their hearing aids and enjoy direct streaming of audio content. While primarily designed for iOS devices, the E10 hearing aids provide a convenient and effective solution for individuals seeking improved hearing performance.

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