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Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids

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Introduction to Styletto

Signia Styletto AX is here! The slim hearing aid, which kind of looks like a Stiletto, was upgraded with Signia’s latest technology. That means

  • Advanced Speech clarity
  • Own Voice Processing
  • HandsFree calls for iOS
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable
  • Signia Assistant
  • My Wellbeing

But first things first.

After introducing the AX technology to Pure and Insio, they finally enrolled it to Styletto. And while one of the main reasons for purchasing Styletto hearing aids is their design, those wearers also want to enjoy the latest hearing technology.

By the way, there must be something with this design, because Phonak’s Slim hearing aids look very much like the Styletto.

The Look

First, we see the slim design with two colors, three microphone openings, the charging contact, and the receiver with an ear dome. The slim design looks nice and is great for people wearing glasses, but it also makes the hearing aid very long. In fact, when wearing, the end of the hearing aids is often visible.

The Performance

The Styletto AX is available in three performance levels: 7, 5, and 3. All versions come with six hearing programs. However, when it comes to speech clarity, performance levels 5 and 7 sound way 3 as they feature Spacial Speech Focus, which automatically turns the directional beam to the dominant speech source.

The AX also has a Tinnitus noise generator on board and features CROS fittings.

The rechargeable battery can last up to 20 hours, getting you through the day with one charge. The Styletto AX comes with a pocket charger, that holds up to five extra charges on the go. For more intensive care, there is the Dry&Clean Charger, which dries the hearing aids with warm air and disinfects them with UVC light while charging.

Connectivity and App

The hearing aids connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth and can be controlled with the Signia App. Hands-free calls and music streaming are supported for iPhones and newer Android phones. 

The Signia App gives you full control over your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume and the hearing programs. It also contains the Signia Assistant, which is an online tool that assists with fine-tuning the hearing aids. The My Wellbeing function is new and tracks information like counting steps, activity level, hearing aid use, and social interactions.


All together Signia has packed their advanced AX hearing technology into their slim hearing aids. In my opinion there are only two downsides:
– Design: the slim design is great for people wearing glasses. however, it makes the hearing aid longer and more visible than other RIC hearing aids.
– Manually Switching Programs: in Styletto, and in all other Signia hearing aids, you have to change your hearing programs manually. Other manufacturers allow their devices to change their hearing programs automatically according to the current hearing situation, which is a very comfortable feature.
Overall the Styletto AX is suitable for all kinds of hearing loss and is the right device for people, who want premium hearing technology within a specially designed hearing device.



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