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ReSound One Hearing Aid

The ReSound One

The One is ReSound’s latest hearing aids family. They offer RIC- and BTE hearing aids, both rechargeable or battery-powered. When looking at the device the first thing to notice is, that there are no charging contacts on the hearing aid. That is because ReSound uses inductive charging, you will find charging contacts neither on the hearing aids nor in the charger.

There are pros and cons to inductive charging.
Pro: when there are no charging contacts, the hearing aids are less prone to letting humidity and dust in.
Contra: inductive charging takes longer than galvanic charging with contacts. However, as most people charge their hearing aids overnight, that’s only a minor disadvantage.

Technology of the One

There are four performance levels available: 9, 7, 5, and 4. The level 9 premium device comes with 5 hearing programs, level 7, 5, and 4 come with 4 hearing programs. And while all four technology levels are only slightly different from each other, levels 9 and 7 have a huge advantage over 5 and 4 when it comes to directionality and to understanding speech in noise.

ReSound’s newest features are called All Access Directionality and Ultra Focus.
All Access Directionality is a special strategy to optimize the microphone directionality so the wearer benefits from better understanding when moving through daily listening situations. 

Ultra Focus combines the directionality of both hearing aids to improve speech understanding in very noisy situations.

Of course, these hearing aids come with Bluetooth, the Smart 3D smartphone app to adjust the volume and hearing programs as well as Remote Fitting Support. Direct sound streaming, for example, phone calls, is supported for iPhones and many newer Android phones.

There are three chargers available: the Premium Charger which has a built-in power bank, the Standard Charger and the Desktop charger. Premium and Standard chargers have LED lights that give you information about the charging status.


My conclusion is, that ReSound has made a good job with these hearing aids. They could improve their Quattro hearing aids with the ReSound One. It has a classy hearing aid design, rechargeable, and battery-powered versions, and is suitable for all kinds of hearing loss.
The M&RIE receiver helps in getting a more natural sound and is available for technology levels 9 and 7.

Before you decide on these hearing aids I recommend checking, if your phone is supported by ReSound in order to enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming. Your hearing professional can help you with that, and there is also a list of compatible mobile phones online.

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