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The Lively 2 Pro is Lively’s premium hearing aid. You can order them online and all points of contact are online, too.

Before ordering you are invited to make an online hearing test. After that, you can go on and order the devices.

What you get

The package contains two rechargeable hearing aids, a charging case, lots of different ear domes, wax filters, and stuff. The parcel also contains very useful info cards and a manual.

The box and all items look high quality, so my first impression is good.

The Lively 2 Pro are basically ReSound One hearing aids with Lively branding, so we can expect very good sound quality from these devices. We can see two microphone openings on the hearing aid, a LED light, a receiver, and an ear dome. The hearing aids come fully assembled and ready to wear. When wearing, the hearing aids sit discreetly behind the ear and the receiver cable is hardly noticeable.

The charging case has LED lights on top that show the charging status of the hearing aids. There are also LED lights on the backside, that show the charging status of the charger. Each light is one full charge.

The hearing aids turn on automatically when taken out of the charger and turn off automatically when they are put back in.

How they work

The hearing aids are pre-programmed according to your online hearing test. Lively invites you to book an Orientation Call, where a hearing professional fine-tunes your hearing aids.
However, most of the adjustments are made with Lively’s Connect smartphone app. 

The Lively 2 Pro come with four hearing programs:

  • All-Around
  • Restaurant
  • Music
  • Outdoor

Each hearing program can get customized in the app according to your preferences. If you feel that you need more assistance, you can also request new settings from Lively’s hearing professionals through the app.

The hearing aids are comfortable to wear and the sound quality is really good, as with all high-quality ReSound hearing aids. I am able to understand speech very clearly and background noise is not distracting at all.

And everything else

The hearing aids connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth, and iPhone users can enjoy hands-free calling. Android users need an accessory like a PhoneClip+ for that. Music streaming works for all devices without an accessory.

Lively puts three years of professional services and a three-year warranty on their hearing aids. They also come with a 100 days trial period to figure out if their hearing aids will help you or not.

By the way: you will need a smartphone or tablet to connect with Lively hearing professionals. However, as these are high-priced hearing aids, the need for a smartphone probably won’t be a dealbreaker.


So all in all Lively offers a really good bundle that’s absolutely worth the money. Of course, these hearing aids have a higher price tag than other OTC devices, they cost 2000 dollars, but that price is totally ok when we look at the hardware and the services offered.

So if you are in a position to spend 2000 bucks on your hearing I recommend giving Lively a try.

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