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Hey, what’s up? You’re watching Dave the Hearing Aids Guy. My name is Dave and I’m a hearing professional with over 20 years of experience in fitting hearing aids. Today, I’ll have a look at the Soundwave Sontro OTC hearing aids. As you can see, these are small, RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids and there’s one special thing about them – they are designed and assembled in the United States of America.

Soundwave was founded to produce OTC hearing aids for the U.S market and one special thing I mentioned in the intro is that they get their hearing aids assembled in the US, which is very rare. Most manufacturers produce their hearing aids in the Asian region, such as China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. So Soundwave is different in that regard.

The hearing aids are small RIC hearing aids that have directional microphones, 16 channels (which is pretty good for an OTC hearing aid), and are sweat resistant. They come with Bluetooth and a free smartphone app to control the hearing aids via Bluetooth. However, you won’t be able to directly stream phone calls or music with these hearing aids.

The hearing aids run on batteries, they are not rechargeable, they use small 312 size batteries. Now let’s have a closer look at the hearing aids.

Box Content and Setup

The Sontro hearing aids arrive in this box. You can see the warnings, the model number and the hearing aids.

In the box, you’ll find a thank you card, a receiver measurement tool, a quick start guide, two hearing aids, some accessories (such as a small brush with a wire to remove earwax from the receiver, a magnetic tool to help you handle batteries, ear domes, and sport locks), and batteries.

Getting started with these hearing aids is pretty easy. You take a three-minute hearing test with the smartphone app, and the artificial intelligence will find out which amplification is the right one for you. It’s basically how other manufacturers like Sony, Signia, or Lively do it. So, this works pretty well.

You do the hearing test, you only have two buttons, you press the left one if you hear a sound on the left side and you press the right one if you hear a sound on the right side. That’s it, basically. Then the hearing aids are programmed for you.

Wearing the Sontro Hearing Aids

Now, let’s see how the hearing aids look when wearing them. These are normal RIC hearing aids and hardly noticeable when wearing. Changing the eardome or earwax filter is easy. To change the eardome, simply pull it off the receiver and put on another one. For example, the small one. If you need to change the earwax filter, you can also get it out with your finger, but usually it comes with a tool. If you order new earwax filters, they come with a tool to replace them.

Here is the receiver, and if you want to change it, just pull it off and put in the new one. That’s how you change the receiver. These RIC hearing aids have quite a common size and the process of changing the receiver is simple.

Sound Quality and Feedback

The hearing aids have four hearing programs, of course you can see the status of your hearing aids and your latest hearing test in the smartphone app.

So what can I say about the sound of those hearing aids is that the sound is pretty good for OTC hearing aids. What I had is I could understand speech better but I also got pretty much noise from different sound sources. I got pretty much noise in and it didn’t matter if I activated or deactivated the noise cancellation, it was still there. The same with feedback: when wearing with medium volume I had no feedback with those hearing aids. When I raised the volume a little bit I got pretty much feedback with these devices and it didn’t matter which eardome I used, feedback was there when the volume went up. So of course these hearing aids are made for mild to moderate hearing loss and that’s what they cover. So if you need more amplification you might get some feedback with it.


The Sound Wave Soundtrack OTC hearing aids are a reliable option for those looking for small and discreet hearing aids. They are assembled in the United States, have directional microphones, 16 channels, and are sweat resistant. Sound quality is good but the feedback cancellation could be better. They come with a free smartphone app to control the hearing aids via Bluetooth and run on batteries, so they are not rechargeable.

So a pair of those hearing aids costs 999,00 dollars and usually I’m not too happy with OTC hearing aids for 1,000 bucks or above but if you see that those hearing aids are assembled in the U.S, and the sound quality is good, the app is easy to use, I think 1,000 bucks is okay for these devices.

The process of getting started with these hearing aids is easy, taking a three-minute hearing test with the smartphone app and the artificial intelligence will find out which amplification is the right one for you. They also come with all necessary accessories, such as a brush to remove earwax, a magnetic tool to handle batteries, eardomes, and sportlocks. Changing the eardome or earwax filter is simple, one can easily pull it off the receiver and put on another one. The Receiver can also be changed easily.

They come with 45-day trial period, they come with one year warranty and they also come with this small measurement tool because not everyone has the standard sized ear. This is a medium length receiver but sometimes you need a shorter or a longer receiver cable, and in that case you can use this tool to measure which size you need and Soundwave will send you the correct receiver for your needs. So that’s a nice service. Of course they also offer phone support, and email support, but I think the free receiver in different lengths are a nice service.

I think you should definitely try the Sontro hearing aids. They’re pretty fine and if they don’t fit just return them but I think you’ll be pretty happy with those hearing aids.



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