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In the realm of Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids, Audien has carved a niche for itself, known for affordability without compromising on quality. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the Audien Atom Pro 2 OTC hearing aids, exploring their design, features, and the intriguing chance to win a pair.

Exploring the Unboxing Experience

The Audien Atom Pro 2 hearing aids come neatly packaged in a compact box, emphasizing their rechargeable nature. The unboxing reveals an array of accessories, from advertising material to essential warnings and a Let’s Get Started guide. The inclusion of a quick start guide, a user manual, and a handy multi-tool demonstrates Audien’s commitment to user-friendly experiences.

Design and Components

The Atom Pro 2 stands out as a small in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid. A closer look at the device reveals a discreet design with a prominent button for adjusting volume and programs. The inclusion of various accessories, such as earwax filters and extra ear domes, indicates Audien’s attention to user needs. The charging process is facilitated by a compact charger with a unique UV cleaning feature.

Charging and Maintenance

The charger for the Audien Atom Pro 2 offers more than mere power replenishment. With built-in UV disinfection, it serves as a tool to eliminate bacteria and germs, ensuring a clean hearing aid. The magnetic design prevents accidental falls, while the automatic on/off function enhances user convenience. However, it’s important to note that the charger solely disinfects and lacks a drying function.

User Experience and Features

The Audien Atom Pro 2 boasts four hearing programs, catering to various listening environments. The ability to adjust amplification and the inclusion of noise cancellation enhance the overall listening experience. Despite lacking Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app, the large button on the hearing aids facilitates easy adjustment of volume and programs.

Trial Period and Pricing

A noteworthy feature of Audien Atom Pro 2 is the 45-day trial period with a 100% money-back guarantee. This gives users ample time to assess the suitability of the hearing aids. Priced at $289 per pair, the Atom Pro 2 positions itself as a slightly higher-tier option compared to its sibling, the Atom 2, retailing at $189.

Conclusion: A Recommended OTC Option

In conclusion, the Audien Atom Pro 2 OTC hearing aids present a compelling option for those seeking affordable and effective hearing solutions. While not equivalent to prescription devices, these hearing aids provide significant value for their price. The comprehensive accessory support and the generous trial period make them a worthy consideration for individuals exploring the world of OTC hearing aids.

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  1. I enjoyed the comprehensive review of the Audien Atom2 Pro hearing aids. I felt Dave answered every question I had and gave an objective opinion based upon his knowledge and experience. Where there was a negative, he stated it clearly. On balance, I give the review two thumbs up. Very helpful to me personally. Thank you.

  2. Very informative, professional review with great honesty. You really helped me to decide what I should do.

    Thank you!

  3. Great job Dave. My wife an I are new to hearing loss and your review of this product was fantastic. Thank you!

  4. A great thorough review for the Atom Pro 2 devices. I already have Atom 1 devices, so it was nice to see a review to compare with.

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